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All the trailers available for rental are 22' - 30' tow behind units.  They will sleep anywhere from 4-6 people comfortably.  The 29' trailers with bunk beds will sleep up to 8 people.

In order to tow our units you must have a receiver hitch on the vehicle, an equalizer hitch with a 2 5/16" ball, and electronic brake control.  Your towing vehicle must be able to tow a minimum of 5000lbs for the smaller trailers and 3500lbs for the smallest trailer (2" ball for this one).  For larger trailers a greater towing capacity is required.

Trailer rental rates:

With a small slide out: 
Weekly rate:                $800.00
                                   $ 40.00 GST
$ 64.00 PST

Daily rate:                    $175.00
(min. 2 days)                $    8.75 GST
$  14.00 PST

With a large slide out: 
Weekly rate:                $900.00
                                   $ 45.00 GST
$ 72.00 PST

Daily Rate:                   $200.00
(min. 2 days)                $  10.00 GST
                                   $  16.00 PST  

                                 + $1000 Damage Deposit

Class C Motorhome
Weekly rate:               $1750.00
                                 $    87.50 GST
                                 $  140.00 PST

Daily Rate:                 $275.00
(min.2 days)               $  13.75 GST
                                 $  22.00 PST

                                + $2000 Damage Deposit

10% Discount if you rent for 14 days or longer
15% Discount if you rent for 21 days or longer
20% Discount if you rent monthly

When booking a trailer, we require a $150 NON-refundable deposit to hold the rental but it will be incorporated in the trailer cost when the trailer is picked up.  The rental cost as well as a $1000 damage deposit ($2000 damage deposit for motorhome) is to be paid at the time of the pick up or over the phone with a credit card before the trailer leaves the lot.

You can rent an equalizer hitch and bars for an additional cost of $50 if you do not have your own.

If you wish to have the trailer delivered, set up and picked up again there is a charge of $2.95 per km from Sun Valley RV to your destination, with a minimum charge of $75.

A maximum towing distance of 800kms is included in the trailer rental.  Any further than 800kms is an additional .15 cents per km traveled.

A traveling distance of 100KM per day is included with a motorhome rental.  Any further than 100KMs a day is an additional $0.30 cents per kilometer.

The damage deposit will be refunded to you when the trailer is returned in the same respectable order as when it was received. (Depending on the time frame this may happen the next day, as we need to inspect the unit.)

There is NO smoking or pets allowed in the trailers or motorhomes, if so there will be an additional $250 fee.

A surcharge will be applied for any damage or breakages.  The unit must be cleaned or there will be an additional charge of $100.  You must be 25+ years of age to rent.

There is a $50.00 fee if the holding tanks are not emptied and $100.00 fee if the toilet is plugged.

Equalizer hitch $50.00 rental
Trailers: 800 kms free - $0.15/km over 800kms.
Motorhomes 100 kms/day free - $0.30/km over daily limit

For more information please call 1-888-461-6240

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